One of the new and well-known brands is from the reliable company “Shokofa Health Arin“, which has been active in the field of production of sanitary products and detergents for years.

And with its special formulation (by Count Cosmetic GmbH, Germany) it has gained a well-deserved reputation in Iran and abroad. This company has products that, in addition to very high quality and reasonable prices, these products are very affordable and economical in order to provide complete satisfaction to its consumers. Currently, Dorto products include 3 groups of dishwashing liquid (Plus, Original and Powerclean) and 3 types of laundry liquid (All-in-One, Blackwash and Concentrate) with different weights.

With small steps towards a big impact

Made responsibly

Biodegradable cleaning materials

Recycled plastic

Free of parabens and phosphates


Find the right dishwashing liquid for you!

Dorto dishwashing liquid with a combination of strong disinfectant and cleaning agents is able to destroy bacteria and remove dirt and grease.



Dorto All in one laundry liquid

Laundry products with the new formulation of Dorto company include 3 types of laundry liquid (All in One, Black Wash and Concentrate) with different weights.

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