Dorto dishwashing liquid (original) with triple function

Formulated by Kant Cosmetics, Germany (Count cosmetic GmbH)

Do you know that the lack of accurate and effective washing of dishes causes food particles to remain and create an unpleasant smell?

Do you know that some of these particles have no smell and cannot be detected by the naked eye?

Arin Industrial Group is a knowledge-based organization with an experienced and expert workforce, using the modern European technology, which uses the global production model and having a complete supply chain of raw materials to produce Dorto dishwashing liquid (with the ability to compete and distinguish itself from other products) for Brought to you dear consumers.

Further Details

In addition to high cleaning power, a dishwashing liquid should also have good density and foaming properties. With a combination of strong cleaning ingredients, Dorto cleans grease much better and has the ability to remove bacteria and 99.99% of stain and grease from dishes (by adjusting the appropriate pH), and it also protects the skin. Dorto dishwashing liquid (with suitable density and foaming as well as easy rinsing) inspires a sense of confidence and peace of mind in the consumer.

The triple function of Dorto ‘original’ dishwashing liquid include:

Removing grease

Skin – friendly

Eliminating unpleasant odors

Note: If you have sensitive skin, it is better to use gloves when using any type of dishwashing liquid.

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1000 grams and 3750 grams


Lemon, orange, apple, berry

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