Dorto dishwashing liquid (Power Clean) with triple action

Formulated by Kant Cosmetics, Germany (Count cosmetic GmbH)

In addition to high cleaning power, dishwashing liquid should also have good concentration and foaming properties. With a combination of disinfectants and strong cleaners, Dorto cleans fats several times more accurately and has the ability to remove 99.99% of mass and fat from dishes and (with proper pH adjustment), protects the skin of the hands. Dorto dishwashing liquid (with suitable concentration and foaming as well as easy rinsing) instills a sense of confidence and peace of mind to the consumer.

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Dorto dishwashing liquid (with suitable density and foaming as well as easy rinsing) inspires a sense of confidence and peace of mind in the consumer.

Aryan Industrial Group is a knowledge-based organization with a professional and experienced workforce, benefiting from modern European technology and using the global production model, and has a complete supply chain of raw materials to produce Dorto dishwashing liquid (competing with other brands as a distinguished product) for our dear consumers.

Triple functionality of Dorto ‘Power Clean’ dishwashing liquid

5X   Faster grease removal

5X   Cleaning power

5X   Eliminating unpleasant odors

Note: If you have sensitive skin, it is better to use gloves when using any type of dishwashing liquid.

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Power clean


750 grams



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